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Frequently asked questions

What is GG2GO?

GG2GO is Gianni’s Group first downloadable Delivery App and Loyalty program in one, representing 5 of the best restaurants on the island! 


Joining GG2GO means unlocking access to exclusive benefits, parties and deals.

 Say hello to easy ordering, tasty benefits and—yes, payment with points! 

  • How do I place an order on GG2GO?
    Its up to you! You’re free to choose between our website, or order directly via the GG2GO food delivery app. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Browse through any cuisine you fancy and simply place your order! Make sure to register or login with your existing loyalty account for easier processing, point collection and exclusive membership benefits.
  • Which restaurants are available for order?
    We're very proud that the following Gianni's Group restaurants are currently available for delivery: Gianni's Ristorante italiano Azia Restaurant and Lounge Amore Mio Pizzaria Neapoletano Azzurro Ristorante Italiano The Beach Bar Garden Fresh Cafe Daniel's Steak & Chop house New restaurant will join in December 2021!
  • Can I pre-order food?
    Yes, isn’t that awesome? You can order food from early morning till late, but it does depend on the opening and closing times of each restaurant. You can see what’s available on the website online ordering page or the GG2GO Delivery App.
  • Is there a minimum order value?
    We have no minimum order value and you can order for any amount.
  • Can I order from two or more different restaurants in one order?
    No, you are not able to order items from multiple restaurants in one order. If you would like to order items from multiple Gianni’s Group restaurants, simply repeat the steps and order from one restaurant at a time. Please take note that each order will have its own order details and will include its own delivery fee.
  • I forgot to add something!
    If you suddenly got a dessert craving and forgot to add it to the order, go to contact our GG2GO coordinator at +297 565 5530 right away! We’ll do our best to try and get everything you want added to your order! Provide the following information to the coordinator: Your name Your order number (visible on the app and on the order confirmation email sent to you) Your phone number / address While we will do our best to accommodate your cravings, if your order is already prepared or being delivered, we will not be able to fulfill your request. *Changes may be subject to additional charges.
  • How do I cancel my order?
    To cancel an order after you received a confirmation email, you have to contact the GG2GO coordinator by calling +297 565 5530 and provide the information below: Your name Your order(s) number (visible on the app and on the order confirmation email send to you) Your phone number / address Please note that if you would like to cancel an order after the kitchen has started preparations, you may not be eligible for a refund.
  • I received a message that my order was cancelled, what happened?"
    We are very sorry if this happened to you. There may be a few possible reasons for why this could have happened: The restaurant where your order was placed may have been closed at that time. Please make sure to select a delivery or pickup time within the restaurant’s hours of operation. The items you requested may have been unavailable at the time of ordering In the event of a cancelation, you can try to order from the restaurant again in a few minutes or order from the menu from one of our other delicious restaurants.
  • I did not receive a confirmation email
    If you have not received a confirmation email from us within 10 minutes of placing your order, please double check your spam or junk folder and make sure your email information is correct in the system. You can always view your recent orders in the GG2GO app. Simply go to your user profile, select “my activity” and view your recent orders under “purchases”. If you cannot find your order, you can always place the order again.
  • Can I pick up my order?
    Yes! When ordering make sure to select Pick Up. Orders from Gianni's Ristorante Italiano, Daniel's Steak & Chop, Azia Restaurant and Lounge and Amore Mio Pizzaria can be picked up at the GG2GO pick-up station inside Gianni's Ristorante. Orders from Garden Fresh, Azzurro Ristorante Italiano and The Beach Bar can be picked up at the GG2GO pick-up station inside Garden Fresh Cafe.
  • Is there a delivery free?
    GG2GO’s delivery fees are based on your delivery location. Please make sure to check the delivery fee of your location during the ordering process.
  • Can I still change my delivery address after checkout?
    If your order is already on its way, it is possible that we won’t be able to fulfill your request. If you would still like to request a change contact the GG2GO coordinator by calling +297 565 5530.
  • My order is taking too long, how can I check the status of the order?"
    We are sorry for this inconvenience. We are doing our best to deliver your food within the estimated delivery time, however external factors may cause delays. If your order is taking longer than expected you can contact the GG2GO coordinator by calling +297 565 5530 and ask for the status of your order.
  • Something is wrong with my order - what do I do?
    Our team works hard from behind the scenes to provide you with a great experience from the moment you order to the moment it’s brought to you. But, as life goes, sometimes things do go wrong. If this happens to you, please contact our GG2GO coordinator ay +297 565 5530 right away, and we'll have this sorted out for you as soon as possible!
  • How can pay I for my order?
    GG2GO accepts cash and all major payment methods, including debit-credit cards that function as credit cards. Next we also offer the possibility to pay with: Gianni’s Group Loyalty Points GG2GO loyalty members can use earned points of previous purchases to pay for an order. Gift List Rewards and Promotions GG2GO loyalty members can use rewards and/or promotions for (partial) payment. Payments can be done online, in the app, upon delivery and take-out.
  • Can I save my Credit Card information on the GG2GO mobile app?
    Yes, you can! Right after completing your first online order on the GG2GO app, your credit card information will be automatically stored in the GG2GO platform. No need to add your information every time!
  • Can I change my payment method for each order?
    Yes, you can choose which payment method you would like to use for every order.
  • What is the Processing Fee?
    For all online orders with GG2GO a 7.5% processing fee is automatically added to all orders to cover administrative costs.
  • I'm New - Where do I sign up?
    Great! We're so happy to see you decided to join our Loyalty program. Signup is easy: Download the GG2GO app here. Click "Login Now" Select "Sign Up" and follow the steps or registration. You will receive a verification email with a 4-digit code to complete signup and start your loyalty membership!
  • I am an existing Gianni’s Group loyalty member, how can I sign up?"
    All members from the previous Gianni's Group Loyalty program can login easily with the email account previously used. Steps are: Download the GG2GO app here Select Login Fill in your email address A 4-digit verification code will be send to your email and you are all set up! Previously collected points are automatically transferred to your new account. Enjoy!
  • Why can't i sign in or log in to my GG2GO account?
    Since both your email address and your phonenumber are attached to your account, the following can occur: 1. The email adress you use for login is not the same email registered under the old program 2. The phone number is attached to another account under a different name When this happens, please email: with the following information: 1. Name 2. Phone number 3. Email address 4. Error message when siging in
  • How do I update account information?
    To update your account information, simply go to your user profile in the GG2GO app and select “update”. Here you will find all of your account information. After updating your information, please click “update” for the changes to be saved.
  • How do I view my receipts and order history on the GG2GO mobile app?
    You can always view your recent purchases, point and credit transactions in the GG2GO app. Simply go to your user profile, select “my activity”and view your recent orders under “purchases”.
  • I want to deactivate my account.
    We're sad to see you go! To deactivate your account please email us at with your name, phone number and email address. All requests are processed on Tuesdays before 4pm AST. When emailing after Tuesday 4pm AST, your request will be processed next Tuesday.
  • How do I collect points?
    Collecting points was never so easy! Two main ways of collecting points: Log in to your account on the GG2GO app before placing your order and points will be added automatically at check-out. Dine in at any of the Gianni's Group restaurants, give the waiter your phone number and points will be added after payment of the check. Referring a Friend to join the program, will give both you and the friend 25 loyalty points after first order. Points will be directly added to your account and visible in the GG2GO app.
  • Where do I see how many points I have collected?
    Log into your GG2GO app on your mobile. Your points are visible under the GG2GO icon on the homepage underneath your name!
  • Will I lose my loyalty points when I sign-in via the GG2GO app?
    Existing Gianni’s Group loyalty members will not lose any points that were earned prior to downloading the app. Your earned points will be transferred automatically to your user profile on the app.
  • What can I do with points?
    Points can be redeemed in a few different ways, of which the two main options are as follows: Points payment for online ordering Points can be used as a payment method exclusively on the GG2GO app for delivery and take-out only. Please note, payment with points is not valid in combination with any other gift or promotion, therefore - if you would like to pay with points, make sure to not select any rewards or promotions after check out. Redeem points in Point Shop Save up to 500 points and redeem the points for a $50,- redeem card or save up to 1000 points and redeem the points for a $100,- redeem card. The redeem card can only be used for Dine-inand must be spent in one (1) transaction.
  • How do I use points to order food?
    To order food with points is easy! Just follow the steps below: After adding your favorite food to the cart in the GG2GO app Click check out A pop-up screen will show all gifts avalable to you. do not select any gifts when you want to pay with points and click continue Fill in your information and scroll down to "Pay with Points section" Fill in the desired amount of points you would like to use for this order, Click on pay with points Proceed with check out
  • Why can’t I pay with points?
    It is not possible to choose a gift and pay with point on the same order. Either use a gift in your gift list or pay with points. Make sure you only choose one of the options.
  • Can I pay with points at every restaurant?
    Points are not allowed to be used as payment for dine-in at the restaurants. You can however, use a redeem card.
  • My points we not added during my last visit at a Gianni's Group restaurant. Can I still get my points?
    Yes, you can! Please email your receipt to as follows: 1.Take picture(s) of your itemized receipt, including the date of purchase. 2. include your first & last name in the email 3. include your registered email or phone number to which the points should be added.
  • What kind of receipt are not accepted for adding points to your account?
    A receipt missing restaurant name, purchase date. Receipts with a $0 value Blurry images not readable by our system Handwritten receipts
  • How long does it take for my points to appear on my GG2GO app?
    Points requests are processed in our GG2GO system once a week every Tuesday. Only request sent before 12pm will be processed on that same day. Requests sent after 12pm will be processed on the next Tuesday.
  • How long do I have to send a request to claim my points after purchase?
    You have within 30 days from the order date on your receipt to request to add your points to your account. After the set period GG2GO will automatically consider your request invalid.
  • Can I redeem my points to a gift card?
    YES! however, this is not called a Gift Card but a Redeem Card! When you reach 500 or 1000 points, you can redeem those points for a $50,- or $100 Redeem Card respectively in the POINT SHOP in the GG2GO app. With this Redeem Card you can dine-in at any of our restaurants. The Redeem Card will be visible in your Gift List, also in the app! Please remember that when using a Redeem Card for Dine-in, the total amount will be deducted in one (1) time, and cannot be used partially. *Redeem Cards are ONLY valid for Dine-In, not for take-out or delivery. *No other discounts apply when using a Redeem Card. *We only allow 1 discount or Redeem Card per bill
  • What is a redeem card?
    A Redeem Card is a payment card that you can purchase with points in the POINT SHOP on the GG2GO app. This card can be used at any location for dine-in only and has to be spent in full at once. Redeem Cards are issued for purchase for every 500 points collected for a $50 card, every 1000 points collected in exchange for a $100 card, every 2500 points in exchange for a $250 card or for every 5000 points collected for a $500,- card in the POINT SHOP. *Redeem Cards are ONLY valid for Dine-In, not for take-out or delivery. *No other discounts apply when using a Redeem Card. *We only allow 1 discount or Redeem Card per bill
  • Is my redeem card the same as a gift card?
    No. A gift card is a bought pre-paid money card that can be used as a payment method at any of our locations for dine-in only. This card has a QR code that the waiter can scan for you. You are able to use this card as many times as you like until the money on the card is done. A redeem card can be acquired when converting your Loyalty Points into a value of a $50, $100,$250 or a $500 redeem card. This card can be used at any of our locations for dine-in only. This card is valid for one (1) transaction only. *Redeem Cards are ONLY valid for Dine-In, not for take-out or delivery. *No other discounts apply when using a Redeem Card. *We only allow 1 discount or Redeem Card per bill
  • Where can I purchase a gift card?
    You can buy gift cards at any of our locations or go to the Gift Card section in the GG2GO app or purchase it right here. Gift Cards bought through the GG2GO app can only be purchased with credit card, and will be sent digitally after purchase to your email (or the email of the person you gifted it to). Gift cards bought at any of our restaurants are physical black cards. When a physical gift card gets lost - we can only retrieve it with a bank statement. *Gift cards are valid for DINE-IN only
  • What are the possible denominations of a gift card?
    Gift cards can be purchased at $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, $300 and $500
  • Can I re-use my gift card?
    Yes, you can top up gift cards at any of our locations. Unfortunatley, online top-ups are not possible at the moment.
  • What is a gift list?
    A gift list is found on the homepage of your GG2GO app and you can find rewards and promotions that are personalized for you.
  • How can I redeem the Rewards and Promotions in my gift list?
    You can redeem the rewards and promotions both in the restaurant and online. Online Order When choosing to redeem your gift for online ordering, the app will automatically ask you if you are interested in using any of your available gifts as payment after check out. Please note: Only one (1) reward or promotion per order and not valid in combination with points payment. No gift cards or redeem cards can be used for Online orders! Dine-In To redeem your gifts at dine-in, please provide your waiter your phone number before payment, and inform him/her which reward or promotion you would like to use. Please note: Only one (1) gift per bill, not valid in combination with other specials or promotions. *Additional terms & conditions may apply to specific rewards or promotions.
  • Local Discount
    Local discounts are only valid for Aruban Residents whom hold a valid AZV card or Local ID - you must comply with the above to be entitled to the Local Discount - Gianni’s Group N.V. and its companies reserve the right to at any time request to see proof of local documentation specified - Failing to provide such documentation; Gianni’s Group N.V. and its companies reserve the right to not apply the local discount on your bill and remove the discount from your GG2GO account

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